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This may be the biggest news I’ve shared with the public in a very long time and it is going to come as a huge shock for many people who don’t know what has been going on in my life recently. 

Many of you have been following my journey with getting off medication and trying to start a family the past year so this may seem like it’s coming from left field, but… I moved out of my soon-to-be ex-husband’s home and we’re getting divorced. I am content with the decision and as hard as it has been for everyone involved, it was the right thing to do. 

Over the past year it has become clear to me how unhappy I had been in that marriage in ways that were beyond fixable. The healing and spiritual growth I’ve been experiencing has catapulted my whole life forward. So after a year of trying very hard to include him in this journey, it just isn’t working for us. He has struggled greatly with his own demons and addictions the past few years and simply is not able to be a supportive and healthy partner in the relationship.

Since going through the process of getting off medication I have gone through a miraculous  transformation and this shift that I’ve experienced has opened my eyes to some major realities about the world, as well as my own needs and desires. It has also brought a great deal of distance and  separation in that marriage and I have grown beyond the confines of the role I was continually expected to stay in.

I have realized so many pieces of myself that have been hidden and neglected for many years and I refuse to try and fit within the box that society wants to put me in. I am the happiest I have ever been and I am moving on to some amazing ventures in my life with people who see the world more like I do. 

I have cut a number of people from my life the past year who no longer felt safe or supportive of my healing. But I have also added some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known to my group of closest friends.

Dear friends and family, please know that I am happy and well now and that there are amazingly  good things coming in the future for everyone involved. All will be known in time and wounds  will heal. I love you all and thank you all so much for supporting me in my choices all these years!

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