Note to Self, Don’t Stop Living

I’ve been feeling a lack of zest for life far too often lately. Worn out and ragged, I’ve been running on autopilot again and it’s wreaking havoc on my body and ability to function at full capacity. I’m currently fighting a silly eye infection and up against some urgent deadlines both at work and home. Let’s just say things are busier than normal and certainly more stressful than average lately.

It’s left me feeling a little disconnected with my own sense of self and well-being and it’s made it hard to find pleasure in the day to day hustle.

So the last few days, I’ve sought to be more intentional with my time and my mind, looking to re-examine the things that really do bring me joy; The sweet simple things of life that I find pleasure in.

So I’m considering this blog a note to myself:

Dear Joanna, don’t stop living. Remember the simpler things of life that you like and make time for them (even when it feels like you have no time left to have) I’m sure you can find a little. You have to draw a line at some point that says, NO, no more today. No more work, turn off the computer, stop hustling, the laundry pile can wait another day, let go girl and give yourself permission to STOP.

Joanna, do you remember the things that bring you that feeling of joy and contentment with your life? Wandering in the garden in the early mornings or quiet evenings, fresh cut flowers, watching old movies with your husband, going on adventures with your family, experimenting with new recipe creations, cooking intentional meals just for yourself, taking pictures of beautiful things, or strumming on your guitar and singing…

And Joanna, please also remember to care for your body. Shower regularly, take the time to fully care for your skin, hair, and teeth, take your vitamins each day, stretch out those achy muscles and bones of yours, and by golly, get off the technology and go to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day. And for tonight, I have to say DONE and just stop working. I’m tired after another day running around with my body running ragged, fighting this stupid infection, driving to and from activities and appointments and errands, trying to squeeze in all the hours for work so all the things get done and all the bills can get paid. No more tonight. No more Joanna girl.

Say goodnight Gracie.

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