About Me

I’m a woman of many hats. First and foremost, I am a devoted wife and mother. I love spending time with my family, cooking and eating good food, playing table top games, and adventuring in the wild together. I’m also an avid reader, lover of road trips, and I’m fascinated with history and Italian culture. Professionally speaking, I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, photographer, designer, writer, baker, and operations manager based in the Pacific Northwest.

I have endured significant trauma in my life throughout my childhood and well into my adult life that has grown and festered into long term physical and mental health challenges. And honestly, I still am on an absolute roller coaster. But I am here for the ride. I will never stop fighting to heal and build a better life for my family. And for my own inner child who was never given the full chance to thrive that she deserved. It’s time to rise up little girl, and live.

After All That Time, I finally saw it. Through all the years of struggle and sorrow, it turns out that God was with me all along. He was always there, guiding me, while allowing me to feel all the birthing pains of new life along the way. And though this life will always be filled with twists, turns, and treacherous valleys, the peaks are on high. So I carry on, walking through the flames of life, my heart on fire with love. And I am a pilgrim.

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